Wednesday | 04 OCT 2023

for posterity

This will be a list of some of the learning materials that I have used.

The Flask Mega-Tutorial is a great tutorial that goes outlines how to use python and flask to create a web app.

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In this post I'm going to take a plain C project and get it running with Zig and then have the C project call a Zig function.

Previous work from others:

Extend a C/C++ Project wth Zig (2021)

Zig Build Explained (2021)

It is now 2023 so there have been some changes and I think having more examples may be helpful going forward.

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Helpful docker commands.

Add a user to have access to docker:

usermod -a -G docker username

Get an image:

docker pull debian

Run an image:

docker run -it debian

Remove container that aren't

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I currently maintain and use a fork of ScarletDME that I'm working on. The core reason for the fork was to get big integer support and to then deploy my blog. This goal is currently fulfilled.

In the interest of speeding up the blog project, I developed and installed the 32 bit version.

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27 SEP 2023::Note : This doesn't succeed. I ended up using qemu directly and just booted into the virtual machine. I ran into some weird issues.

Install the falling packages:

pacman -Sy libvirt 
pacman -Sy libvirt-qemu 
pacman -Sy polkit 
pacman -Sy virt-manager
pacman -Sy dnsmasq
pacman -Sy dmidecode

Update the user's group:

usermod -a -G libvirt,libvirt-qemu username

Log out and back in to update groups

Start everything up:

sudo systemctl enable libvirtd.

I have a desktop with an Nvidia card that I want to dual boot Windows and Linux. I decided to go with Arch because it's been awhile since I last used it and I think it would be fun to use.

The goal is to set everything up and ultimately do a lot more hacking of random stuff in my environment. Not sure what yet but I'm sure I'll get to something once I have everything set up.

The ssh client in Windows doesn't let you pass passwords in directly and Windows doesn't support sshpass so the next best thing is to use a custom version of ssh that has a flag to pass in the password.

SSH Releases

You can place ssh.exe and libcrypto.

Windows Terminal actually became good at some point and I missed it!

My biggest issue with using wsl Ubuntu is that it takes a bit too long on start up and if I close all my sessions, that kills my vm so it has to come back up again.

Windows Terminal is fast and all I really need it to do is connect to various servers.

This will be my current set up with Windows Terminal.

The first thing is to get a Fish like experience.

To Do

  1. Add a real todo section to my site
  2. Escape { properly
  3. Syntax highlighting has issues on single quote.
  4. CSS Syntax highlighting and formatting.
  5. Inline code blocks need to be set up.
  6. Case Insensitive Search would also be nice.