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Dumb things (Caddy)


This is strictly because I didn’t read the caddy documentation and tried to google my problems. I was use a really bare bones configuration for caddy to just try it out and i wasn’t getting the https stuff to work.

My Caddyfile looked like the following:

:7088 {
    respond "Hello, World!"

This was resulting in the following errors:






curl: (35) SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.

The http version of the page was working perfectly fine but https was throwing weird errors. From what I could tell the certificate was getting installed properly to ~/.local/share/caddy/pki/authorities/local.

I finally stumbled into actually reading the documentation.

Specifically the part about activation says that listening exclusively on a port prevents automatic https.

So adding the ip address immediately fixed the issue. {
    respond "Hello, World!"

Now the web page works!