Wednesday | 28 FEB 2024
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Improved OPEN

Date: 2023-03-04

I added some logic so that my OPEN command looks at where the file is trying to be opened from. If it is a foreign server, it will scp the requested file back to the server and open it from there.

This way I can use the OPEN command from a client machine and not have to worry about the network getting in the way. scping the file works perfectly, I would have liked to use wintegrate to download the file directly to the computer running wintegrate but that ended up taking too long. The actual download part took seconds for even a tiny file so shelling out and using scp was much better.

This addition won't be used if the place I'm opening from is from our dev server so there isn't any extra scping happening locally.

I'm happy with this addition as it allows the OPEN command to be even more useful.