Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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PetiteVue - Thoughts 1

Date: 2022-12-02

I really like use petitevue as its just a tiny drop in library. I could probably use full vue as well but I like that petitevue is a bit spartan.

This does mean there are some weird issues like the one I currently ran into which is that you can't use v-if in the first child element of a template. Interesting.

This is a weird limitation and it took a bit to narrow it down as it doesn't feel right. I need to understand vue I'm guessing to really get why the template tag is special here.


Ultimately by being forced to go this way I actually ended up finding a better solution to what I was trying to do anyway.

After using it, I'm not entirely sold on it. I really like the ideas but there seems to be a bit too much vue specific things that I need to know to get everything to work how I want it.

I think things can be more intuitive and straightforward but I think petite vue is the best so far so I'll stick with it.