Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Severance Season 1 - Thoughts

Date: 2022-12-15

I recently watched severance and it was alright. It definitely has some mysteries that I'm interesting in seeing pay off but the show itself is so slow and boring.

This post will contain spoilers so reader beware.

I love the aesthetics of the show, it is very much like the Loki tv show where they mix futuristic stuff and stuff from the past. It's like a future that was dreamt up in the 1960s. I love this style of stuff.

Petey has no no payoff, we learn basically nothing about him or why he became severed. He is supposed to be the thing that kicks Mark into gear but that never really happens. I'm not sure if that was the intent and that the show is going to explain why they set up Petey as the driving force when he basically didn't do anything.

Helly is the best character by far in the show. Her will to leave is stupid strong and her outie forcing her to stay in was horrifying. I really was rooting for innie Helly and wanted her to fuck up outie Helly which is hilarious thinking about it because ultimately they are the same.

I think the reason Helly is so resistant to working on the severed floor is because she comes from a life of privelege and that is innate to her. She doesn't want to lose herself and so she fights to get back.

On the topic of the severed, I thought it was some commentary on working but it seems to be about something completely different. What is the point of the severed floor?

Ms Selvig is great, I love that she is just a fanatic.

Mark and sister's relationship is definitely one of the better brother sister relationships I've seen and it is cute. I also wonder why she's with Rickon and it was hilarious seeing innie mark interact with him.

Mark's wife, Gemma is a weird one. What the fuck is the plot point there. Did they want Mark and her specifically for something? Why did Ms Selvig ask his sister if he had seen his wife in places. It sounds like Lumen is experimenting on them.

I love the Kier Eagan stuff with Irving and Burt. What is the perpetuity wing and what the fuck is going on with the waffle party.

The final episode was good but not enough. What is the point of severing? It ultimately seems like being severed is a requirement for being a child of Kier which what the fuck?

So much shit to think about. Too bad the plot itself is dull, the set pieces are great.