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Watch Recommendations

Date: 2023-03-19

Some shows and movies that I've been recommended.

Cyberpunk EdgeRunners - May 6, 2023

A show based on the game Cyberpunk, apparently so good that it boosted the sales of the game quite a bit.

Recommended By: 2 Friends

Watched: May 8, 2023

Yellowjacket - March 19, 2023

A show about teenage girls stuck in the Ontario wilderness. Lord of the Flies meets Lost.

Recommended By: Coworker

Watched: May 28th, 2023, Dropped, didn't enjoy it.

Only Murders in the Building - March 19, 2023

A show with Selena Gomez and 2 other tenants that podcast about a murder that happened in their building.

Recommended By: Cousin

Swarm - March 18, 2023

A short show about an obsessed killer fan. Supposed to be a fan of Beyonce.

Recommended By: Brother

Head-On - March 17, 2023

A strange relationship where a suicidal woman convinces a suicidal man to marry her so she is free of her family.

Recommended By: Friend

Watched: March 27, 2023