Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Writing JSON.QUERY - 1

Date: 2023-03-27

Worked on writing JSON.QUERY and I pretty got it all working. I've incorporated my JSON.GET function directly in the query program so now it is a single file for querying json.

I can now get parts of an object by using the key notation and I stole the jq style of getting values out of arrays. That has worked beautifully.

I now have the parsing side of JSON also done for BASIC. Now I just need to write the tests so that everything works properly and then I should start using it in a project. That will be the real test.

I'm finding that this stuff isn't really learning so much as falling into things. So far the parsing stuff hasn't felt kludgey and I'm hoping that means that I have found a decent way to solve json parsing in BASIC. I do some wasteful things but it's not terrible.

I'm using dummyjson.com for dummy json and it is such a great utility.


This is so helpful that I'm jealous I didn't make it!