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stuff i like

mandatory reading

Icarus Laughed
a poem by wearealsoboats

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
an article by peter norvig about thinking long term

Get your work recognized: write a brag document
an article by julia evans, this really highlights how much you actually do

Hack everything without fear
an article about just diving into code by drew devault

How To Become A Hacker
the first article i ever read and made me into the hacker i am, eric s raymond


Good war/miliary anime, interesting start where a country developed AI drones that take over and now the rest of the world has to deal with that

Sonny Boy
A great surreal show about a group of students that drift into another reality. I love this.


Infinity Train
A show where people get stuck on a train and need to solve their problems. Love this genre, like Sonny Boy.


Horror adjacent movie. Just watch it blind, don't even look at posters. It's great.

Death of Stalin
Absolute riot. One of my favourite movies and a 10/10.

Favourite movie for the fact that it is a space and science explortation movie.

A great space and exploration movie.

Mindbending movie, watched so many times that its a straight up comfort movie.

absolute favourite horror movie

a great movie about sweden

short stories

There Is No Antimemetics Division
Love this set of short stories about memetics. Heady stuff.

I'm a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I have some stories to tell
A nosleep post that gets the imagination going.

The Bastard Operator from Hell
the reason why i like sysadmin stuff i bet


The Sandman
I loved the comic books and this adaptation definitely lives up to them comics.

blog posts

Rust Error Handling
This is written similar to how I think.

Tech World Lol

FTX Blow Up
Molly White writes about FTX and what happened.