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NPM, not npm

Date: 2023-04-20

I have officially retired UPM which was the universe package manager I wrote for my new package manager NPM. Nova Package Manager. It's still not a REAL package manager as it doesn't actually do any managing.

The current version downloads the file using curl and then compiles the file. There isn't any checking of versions or any backups made. It is very much a fetcher script to quickly grab things. You can feed in a url to a BASIC program and install that directly as well as installing from a list of packages that I maintain.

This is basically the curl | sh of BASIC so the same safety issues apply. I really need to figure out a better packaging system but this works for now.

I also added an INIT option that will install all of my packages automatically. This is handy when getting a new system working or trying to update things. Currently updating packages is pain in the ass so hopefully this saves some time.

2023-06-13 - This program actually does conditional compiling so it should be more useful than the regular system ifdefs as not all the systems have everything available.