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Date: 2023-10-18

This is a now page :)

What is a now page?

I'm currently hacking away at Pick. I've gotten comfortable enough in BASIC now that for most things that I want to do off the cuff I reach for BASIC much more than JavaScript. I still use JavaScript but it is slowly dwindling.

The biggest things I'm currently working on is trying to get ScarletDME to run better. I want to use it for my blog and speed my templating language up. I also want to get better at using Zig and to do that I've ported the ScarletDME build to Zig. This was a fun learning experience and I think it will pay off long term.

I also want to blog more and I think I've succeeded at that, I'm enjoying writing down my thoughts and working on code. Posting on Mastodon is also something that I do though I don't get much response. Luckily I like screaming into the void.

I really want to make my templating language better and I think a rewrite might be in the cards. Though I should probably learn something before I start that endeavor.