Sunday | 23 JUN 2024
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Ideas in 2024

Date: 2024-01-07
Tags:  ideas

Ideas to try and do. I'm still trying to stabilize on a format. Last years was not great and I definitely stopped updating it. We'll try again now.


    RSS feed aggregator
    ScarletDME on FreeBSD
    Using Nix
    Video site for private videos I have
    Torrent manager
    Video converter system
    Web P2P card game like Love Letter
    Move to for git hosting
    Photo gallery based on icloud albums
    A private social network
    Top 100 JS Stackoverflow questions in BASIC


    Programming in other languages and Sapir-Whorf
    How does the major areas of the world treat the vulnerable
    American supremacy and is it a good thing for the world
    Economic systems besides capitalism
    Call of the void
    Communities and why they form
    The life of a hermit
    Reading the internet vs doing things
    History of computing
    History of the internet


    Windowing system in BASIC
    A pattern match website like crontab guru, MATCH and MATCHFIELD
    The [1 Billion Row Challenge]
    Start using #ScarletDME as my main Pick
    Gopher client
    Browser - text only, possibly with images
    Two pane editor that ties notes together.
    TOTP Generator
    Password Manager


    Revisioning system for the blog
    Fixing my blog renaming function, it doesn't sync properly.
    Routine to take an item id and return the html end point
    Show other articles related to the tag
    [Trigger to upload changes to my blog on write]
    [Make the idea page into a checklist]
    Allow for todos in my blog
    Add shortcodes so I can edit by using a 4 digit shortcode
    Show the local weather
    A timer for work outs
    Add a private mode so that pages can be opened only by me
    Add a disable table of contents flag
    Add support for expandable and collapsable sections
    Some form of editing from outside my home
    Add a copy pastable link to quickly edit - might kill the shortcode
    Tags should be case insensitive
    Multiple links on the same line don't get rendered properly
    Add rss feed
    Allow images to have captions that get placed beside the image.


    Markdown syntax highlighting
    Disable comment highlighting from BASIC in markdown files
    Fix the major issue of the [backspace] and infinite loops
    Add support for custom snippets from an external file
    There's a bug in how [delete is done for multiline lines]. This will probably fix the backspace and infinite loop bug It didn't.
    Add a shortcut to add author notes.
    Scripting language to do some mass replacements
    Allow loading text from linux file paths
    Search my blog for markdown names when the link syntax is engaged
    Allow $ to go to the end of a multiline line
    Add cursor placement for snippets
    Copying a large text and pasting takes long
    Shortcut to [vim] to get paste data
    Read from the paste buffer so paste is share across without re-opening EVA
    Backspace should go to previous line if it is part of the line


    In D3, my autocomplete is messy when a match isn't found
    [Weird break] when tabbing and hitting the up arrow key, can't duplicate yet
    Add autocomplete options to a program that nsh can interrogate and display

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