Sunday | 23 JUN 2024
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Long Term

Date: 2024-01-07

Similar to my promise for leftwrite, I think I'm comfortable now to promise that my blog will exist at the current url, with the current technology stack for 10 years.

I'll peg the date to Jan 1, 2024. Half the reason why I feel like I can make this promise now is that I have so much custom stuff in BASIC that it will be difficult or at least a steep learning curve to switch things.

I hope to find BASIC just as fun as it is today in 10 years so maybe the promise will be extended.

The leftwrite promise was to freeze features for 10 years and to not change the underlying system. The blog will get more features but the underlying tech won't change. It helps to write this down so that I can combat the itch that will inevitably arise at some point to change how I build this blog. After all there are so much more fun things to do than just messing with how I write.

Though to be fair I think this might be easy to do because how can I ever go back to writing in something that isn't my own custom editor?