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Title: Cheatsheets
Date: 2023-05-07
Sequence: 3
Tags: ["blog"]

Some cheatsheets that I wrote.

⇒ bettersqlite3

basic sql for better-sqlite3

⇒ curl

basic flags for curl

⇒ git

the most useful git commands in one place

⇒ express

a list of articles to get an express project going

⇒ logrotate

automatically rotate logs

⇒ nginx config

nginx commands and config to add a site

⇒ nodemailer

mailing with node

⇒ petite-vue

petite-vue cheatsheet, very close to vue

=>/devlog/linux-printer-commands.html printer commands

printer commands for linux

⇒ qemu

using qemu to run alpine

⇒ rsync

rsync - to move files from 1 machine to another

⇒ scp

copying files to and fro

⇒ sqlite in the browser

using sqlite from a webpage

⇒ ssh

connecting with ssh keys

⇒ sveltekit

using sveltekit

⇒ tar

tarring files

⇒ user migration

migrate users from a linux server

⇒ vue2 and vue3 quickstart

quickly get started with vue2 or vue3