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Scrolling in EVA

Title: Scrolling in EVA
Date: 2023-04-20
Sequence: 4
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Fixed up the long lines at the bottom of the page. I was having an issue where I could still type at the bottom of the page but EVA wasn't scrolling properly. I fixed that up and realized that I had built this editor as a code editor first and a general text editor second. This mean that for short lines everything works well, but longer lines run into all sorts of edges that I wasn't handling properly.

In the case of the scrolling, I checked to see if the line was longer than the view width but I never incremented the scroll position if the Y position got larger than the view height. I had taken care of it for the case of pressing Enter but I didn't deal with it in the general case. Slowly hammering them out. I think right now my editor is pretty good with general text now!