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ScarletDME in the Browser!

Title: ScarletDME in the Browser!
Date: 2022-09-11
Sequence: 1
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Done! I have now wired up v86, debian, and scarletdme to allow you to be able to use multivalue from within the browser. This has been something I've toyed with every now and then over the past few years but I've finally hammered it out.


This is very much built on the shoulders of giants.

v86 - The emulator to allow x86 emulation in the browser.


Debian - The instructions to get debian set up under v86.


ScarletDME - The open source fork of openqm.


The next thing I want to do is built a data set that is useful and a working system of menus, entry screens, display screens, procs, and basic programs so that there is a functioning environment to play with.

After that would come the instructions and teaching aids to help learn pick. It could also be fun to actually build out the system but I'm not sure yet how what system would fit this environment.

I also want to get the size of the image down as currently it is sitting at a compressed size of 45mb. This is still too big in my eyes and scarlet should be able to fit on much less. The goal would be to try and get the image down to 10-15mb as I've seen people talk about images that small running on v86.