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Notes on ScarletDME

Title: Notes on ScarletDME
Date: 2022-09-10
Sequence: 2
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ScarletDME is an open source GPL multivalue database and my goal is to get it wired up to v86 so I can create a browser based multivalue environment as a learning tool!


Excitingly, scarletdme is actually really easy to compile and install under debian.

The instructions are a bit hard to parse from the readme but here are my plain instructions.

This works on a debian 32bit docker image.

git clone
cd ScarletDME

groupadd qmusers
useradd -c "qmsys" -d /home/qmsys -s /bin/sh qmsys
usermod -a -G qmusers qmsys
usermod -a -G qmusers root

make install
make datafiles
cp scarlet.conf /etc/

/usr/qmsys/bin/qm -start

cd /usr/qmsys

This will start up qm and put you at TCL.

Very easy! I'll need to poke around the C files to see how it works because it'll probably give me a good idea of how UniVerse works as well.