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Notes on ZPL

Date: 2023-12-28
Tags:  sysadmin

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There are some notes on the Zebra Programming Language. This is the language that is used by the Zebra label printers. By using ZPL, you can do all sorts of fun things on labels. Like moving them to where you want them to go or even mirroring text!

My own very basic example. The caret symbol is indeed a caret and not a special character.


XA starts a label and XZ ends the label.

FO marks the origin.

A is how you specify the font family to use and the size of the font.

FD is for the data to be printed.

FS is the separator that marks the data to be printed is done.

You can mirror and rotate text easily as well.


An Introduction to ZPL

ZPL Manual

ZPL Cheatsheet

Online ZPL Playground