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The Shivering Truth

Date: 2023-12-26
Tags:  tv, animated

Table of Contents

  1. Episodes

A weird and surreal tv show that stitches together various bits and pieces in stop motion with a really good voice over. I have no idea what the fuck is going on at all.

The show is so irksome and weird. It's at times extremely uncomfortable and I would have hated to watch this when I was younger. I think my senses have gotten dulled as it's affecting me much less.

The show is wildly creative.

I have no idea who I could recommend this show to.


Episode 1 - The blind girl gets her bra snapped in school and so they try to find the person by having everyone snap it. This causes a swelling that the lunch lady uses for meat. She was the one who snapped the girl's bra. So fucking funny. Horrifying. The butterfly and Bali plot was hilarious. Bali eats and drinks butterflies and so butterflies have a vendata against them.

Episode 2 - The skit about the greatest peek a boo player. The girl goes completely invisible to the world. Hilarious

Episode 3 - My favourite so far, about a guy in the miliary who get's mind fucked into a war. A boy scratches his arm so much it becomes a church.

Episode 4 - A really weird prison escape story. The story of the guy who ogles a lady and then causes the world to end is great.

Episode 5 - Lmao. A couple that loves only because they are both disappointed in their son. How one boy learned where wounds go when they heal.

Episode 6 - A seashell that let's you hear more than just the ocean. The entire episode is just stories through the shell being told to a classroom of children. I really like this episode.

Episode 7 - Deeply unpleasent, a girl becomes so beautiful and gets a face full of beauty marks.

Season 2 is way more linear. The stories are still weird and surreal but there is a throughline. Season 1 was definitely more fun.

Den of Geek Interview

But things become funnier if they have a deeper emotional complexity to them because that’s just a more fucked up laugh. It’s a stranger laugh that taps into such a weird place.

I can relate to this. I laugh such a strange laugh sometimes, it's not because it's funny but because of how fucked up things are.