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XML Validation

Date: 2023-12-28
Tags:  sysadmin

Table of Contents

  1. VSCode
  2. Notepad++

I recently did some xml validation using vscode and it would be nice to document it so that I can refer back to this next time.


The first step is to know that you can use VSCode to do XML validation. This is actually much better than the online tools as I'm not leaking any data by accident.

The Redhat XML extension is handy and I was lucky enough to get it once they got rid of the java dependency so it was easy to install.

Make sure the path to the XSD is correct and the extension should automatically validate your xml.


Notepad++ has the tool XML Tools which let's you also do XML validation. You can manually trigger a validation by going though the plugins menu option and going into the xml tools plugin.

However everytime I used it, notepad++ crashed so I ended up using vscode.