Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Date: 2023-12-28
Tags:  anime

I've finished watching Helck and it's one of the mosst mediocre shows that I actually finished watching. I can't even describe the show as fun as it wasn't really that fun. It wasn't funny, it wasn't that plot heavy, it didn't have great characters, it didn't draw me in and yet I still watched it and finished it.

I'm not sure why, maybe because it was a really boring season and I didn't have anything else to watch. It is also an easy watch.

The show is about the strongest hero wanting to destroy humanity and he does this by joining the demons. We learn that the demons are just a race like any other and they aren't really demons so much as a group of different people all under one empire. We learn that humans are the evil ones and are being taken advantage of by someone evil. Helck is our main character along with Anne whos is the demon representative.

Helck never loses and they all talk about a great darkness in him and the animation when he does get dark is neat but it never feels like he's actually dangerous. I can sort of see what the show is trying to do but it doesn't feel deserved.

Azudora is an interesting character as he seems to be the genius in charge who wants to mend the relationship between demons and humans but it's silly. The humans have been killing demons nonstop and he's still trying to bring about a peace with them. I'm sure we'll learn why but it feels silly right now.

The show ends with Anne telling Helck that the demon empire will help return his friends and change humanity for the better.

The show doesn't make me want to read the manga so I'll wait. I might miss the boat so I may never know how it ends. I won't be losing sleep over it though.