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2023 Review

Date: 2023-12-28
Tags:  resolutions

Table of Contents

  1. Programming
  2. Media

Previously on Dragon Ball Z.

The story is much the same. So many goals from last year and none of them were truly achieved. I lost no weight, made no attempt at working out. I lost motivation to finish my computer science degree. Only 6 courses but they might as well be 600. I definitely did not stop using my phone.

The writing consistently was sort of done. Averaged out, I do have around a rate of 1 post a day. I think I'm going to count that as a win, otherwise this is so much more sad.

I did some cool things though programming wise so I'll highlight those here and maybe some media I really enjoyed.


Learned uxn. Ultimately not my cup of tea but I might play around with it again at some point. I lost interest when I had to invent my own font. I don't have the right base to do that so it got really bad. I think going back into it with the idea of just making toys or utilities would be fun.

Made Koinos Kosmos which is a world news site which is still running happily. I don't use it but it's there.

Messed around with FUSE in both C and Rust. Learned a lot by doing that though I didn't achieve my goal of writing a sqlite FUSE wrapper. This is something I do want to revisit at some point. I also want to mess with Windows FUSE as I think that would be great for D3.

Rewrote UPM and created NPM in it's stead. It is significantly better and I'm much happier using it. I have a really easy way of getting my tools onto any machine now.

Created a hashmap implementation for BASIC that I'm quite happy with.

Wrote a templating language for BASIC and that is currently powering my blog. I also rewrote it from scratch and did some major work to speed it up.

Added big integer support to scarletdme and wrote guides to adding functions to it. Scarletdme is definitely one of the things that I hope to keep improving.

Did some major work in scarletdme to get it to work with zig. I made scarletdme into a zig project and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I added ssl support to scarletdme so that you can launch a https server.

Moved my blog to my MacServer and it is running out of my bedroom.

Took part in Advent of Code this year and got to 26 stars. This was a fun event and I have some ideas for what I want to do to BASIC so that it would be easier to finish everything. There was quite a few things where I ran into language limitations and also knowledge limitations.

Got R83 off the floppy disks that I own and patched the images so that protection gets skipped. I then installed it under PCem and now there is a working copy of R83, the original pick.


Loved Lower Decks and still do. Season 4 is waiting to be watched.

Watched Jack Reacher which was really fun. Currently watching season 2 which is also enjoyable.

Watched Beau is Afraid which was lovely. Really need to watch this again.

Watched Cyberpunk Edgerunners. I loved this show and it's aesthetic.

Read Broken April, possibly the only book I finished this year. Big fan of it.

Read Invincible which was quite fun.

Loved Shinsekai Yori and wish I had watched it with /a/ when it was airing. I had seen the threads but I never picked it up.

Watched quite a bit of Mike Flanagan at the tail end of this year and so far that has been a fun time.

Got into watching Adult Swim cartoons again. I forgot how insane they are and how fun it is to watch crazy stuff. It's also really inspiring creatively. I think I need more art stuff in my life.

Watching Jujutsu Kaisen and reading the manga, loving them both.