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Beau is Afraid

Date: 2023-05-07
Tags:  movies, horror

A horror movie by Ari Aster. He is now 3/3 for me. Hereditary was his most horror movie and the other 2 now look to be different kinds of horror. Beau is Afraid is his least horror movie and it is much more surreal.

It's a weird movie but I love the slowness and strangeness of the movie. It is also very funny with my theatre breaking out to laughter constantly. I was laughing quite a bit throughout the movie. There was some sense of tension and panic but it wasn't constant.

Beau is anxious and he always wants other to make decisions for him. His mother dies and so he is trying to get home for her funeral and the entire movie is that attempt and how wildly off course it goes.

The film is easily broken into various acts and I think that was intentional, each part of the film could be broken up into its own section and I really liked that feel.

I enjoyed the movie and I liked it overall and would definitely watch it again.

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