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Resolutions 2023

Title: Resolutions 2023
Date: 2023-01-03
Sequence: 1
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I usually always make resolutions and long term plans but I don't think I actually achieved any of them. I had wanted to get an iron cross when I was into gymnastics and I had gotten close. Close here meaning I could use cross trainers and get a cross from my elbows. I had also wanted to get a one arm handstand which was also in the realm of possibility given that I could do a pike handstand. I wanted to do a one arm pull up. I wanted to do a full planche.

Chen Yibing's gymnastic routine that blew me away.


So many goals that eventually gave way to me just trying to get better at programming. This led to leftwrite which I'm happy about but it never took off and I couldn't actively try to get people to use it.

Anyway! The resolutions for this year are as follows:

1. Lose weight - Goal weight is 155, started weight is 187.8.

2. Finish my computer science degree - This one is a bit too easy as its in the plan

3. Write consistently everyday for as long as possible. I think last year I got to many months.

4. Work out consistently - This as you can see isn't related to my weight goal, I don't tie the two together as they can happen separately.

5. Stop using my phone - This is going to be a tough one, specifically I want to stop using my phone at night.