Friday | 08 DEC 2023

Jack Reacher - S01E01

I'm a big fan of the Jack Reacher movies with Tom Cruise, but damn is the TV show really good. Tom Cruise was fine but he wasn't as big as the books described him and I remember lots of people being salty about that but Reacher is casted perfectly in this show.

I love how slow its going and Reacher carries this show. So far just the first episode I watched but its started off pretty well. We get the perfect introduction of a big dude just staring at someone misbehaving and he scares the guy into submission. The jail scene was fantastic and everything there really hyped up Reacher.

Then the ending was perfect with Reacher swearing vengeance. I also love that the small town of Margrave reminded me of The Lottery and of the town in Infinity Train. For some reason that layout feels nostalgic.

So far I love the show. Goddamn is Reacher built like a truck, never have I wanted to look like a white dude but this guy would be it.