Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Reading on the Kindle

Date: 2023-03-17

I think reading and watching content on my phone is actually a negative thing. Something about the structure of a phone and the size seems to bother me and I can feel myself having less attention to focus on things.

I'm going to try moving all my reading to my kindle and see if that changes things. The kindle would be very much limit but I'm hoping that having a more comfortable reading experience would let me read and think about thinks more clearly rather than what I'm doing now. Right now I just skim read and understand just bits and pieces of things. Its been useful but I'd like a deeper knowledge.

Like a good programmer, instead of using a tool that already exists, I'm going to write my own.

The plan in broad strokes is get a list of articles, convert them to epub and send them to the kindle.

  1. A list of articles will be from HackerNews and Lobsters to start though I do want to read more Op Eds.
  1. Converting these articles to epub will require using the readability library that I've used before and this step will be in node.
  1. The last step is to mail the epub to my kindle, this will require getting mail working from my server.

There are a few tools like push to kindle and ktool which have free tiers. They both have a limited number of sends for the free tier and the prices of their plans seem reasonable. However, I would much rather roll my own as that is quite a bit more fun and would let me procrastinate on actually dropping my phone usage.Onwards!