Monday | 15 APR 2024
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A Pull Request for pick-universe

Date: 2023-04-15

Someone had sent me a pull request in my node library, pick-universe. The merge unfortunately didn't have a message besides that it was for a -fpermissive chore and so I didn't merge it in and left it. I didn't realize that something had changed and my library wasn't compiling anymore!

The versions I had locally were fine but if I did a npm install, it would break with the fpermissive error. I'm guessing something had changed in the compiler where the warnings had become full blown errors.

It was only when I started a new project yesterday that I ran into the issue and quickly needed to merge the PR in. It was a few months late so that was shitty of me. I should have checked what the PR was really about or pushed to get a why from the contributor. I had thought they were just doing something to clean things up rather than it being done because the compiler was failing.

Sucks but it was nice to see the review page and verify the changes before I merged everything. There was an issue with the object code also being diffed but that was probably because I had set up the project to pull that stuff as well. That should have been part of the git ignore. I should have only tracked the source files, that would have simplified future pull requests.

A good experience regardless :)