Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Date: 2023-05-07

An anime based on the Cyberpunk video game. It's pretty good, especially the art and the music. The environment is also rich and damn do I want to live in that future. It's like Trransmetropolitan and Dokter Sleepless. This would definitely be something that Warren Ellis loves.

The main plot is David getting some military grade hardware and being able to use it effectively. He uses it to make a living for himself and gets caught up in all sorts of trouble. The plot itself wasn't too great but everything around it is amazing. Seeing how people live with the tech and how broken society can become. The idea of companies just running an entire city is great.

We are getting closer everyday to this future in my eyes. The biggest step would be if a corporation ever gets a seat at the UN. That would be a dystopian hellscape. I also would definitely get body modifications, specifically the netrunner stuff as that looks so cool. Even the enhancements like puttings guns in your arms looks dope as hell too.

I also love that evne with hologram teachers and AI tech, kids still go to school. That makese sense as you need the social stuff to really learn and grow.

I love Lucy, she basically fell in love with David immediately and her whole story has been about protecting him from the corps that would want to use him as a guinea pig, something that she was and didn't want for David.

The ending was good, it was pretty much what I expected with David dying and going crazy due to the chrome he has. I saw that coming though I wish it hadn't. David had a chance to get out of Night City but he never left. I'm curious why. What is the rest of the world like?

Overall it was definitely worth watching. I love the aesthetic and took so many screen shots.

Characters: David, Gloria, Lucy, Maine, Dorio, Pilar, Kiwi, Rebecca, Falco, Faraday, Julio, Adam Smasher, Tanaka.

The corporations surprisingly didn't actually get involved that much, this was very much about the street.