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Lower Decks

Date: 2023-01-18
Tags:  scifi, animated

Currently watching Lower Decks, an animated show about the tier 2 guys of Star Trek. I never watched Star Trek but I'm still enjoying the show quite a bit. It is quite earnest and wholesome. It reminds me a lot of the Orville which was a show I also really liked.

My favourite episode so far has been season 2 episode 6. The Pakled are frikken hilarious.

Beckett Mariner - Very much a dick and I like that she doesn't really grow that much. She was so unlikeable when she spoiled the captain's promotion and there was no real comeuppence to that. She has issues with people leaving her especially when people get promoted away from her and I'm curious where that comes from. No one has really dived into it and based off her family life, it seems fine. I imagine she didn't see much of her family and maybe that is it. She was probably a military brat so maybe it does all fit. I wish she would grow a bit though.

Boimler - Great, I love his straight man life and I'm hoping to see where and how his clone is doing. I love that he was bragging to the Titan lower decks about things he did with Beckett. It goes to show that he's a dork around her but the moment he steps away, he becomes far more impressive.

Tendi - Great, I love her and Ruthorford's dynamic, hella cute. I also wonder what Orion is like and the fact they are all violent space pirates is hilarious.

Ruthorford - Great! I love his enthusiasm for engineering and warp drives.

Besides Beckett everyone else seems to be relatively well adjusted and decent people. I wonder what starfleet really is, are they just an exploration and welcoming group. They must be strong to be able to exert their pressure on the entire galaxy and keeping it in check. I wonder if the star trek Federation has issues like other governments as everything seems hunky dory in Federation lands.

Season 3 is by the best of the series, the characters are growing and changing and I think they are all starting to come together. I do wish there was more group stuff they do split up into Mariner and Boimler and Tendie with Ruthorford.