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Deliberate Practice - HTML and CSS

Date: 2023-01-22

One good source of deliberate practice is mimicry. Copying someone else is an easy way of learning things and it a method that I don't use often enough these days. It's been awhile since I've spent time learning CSS and HTML. I used to reach for floats before and now I reach for flex. But I'm sure things have changed as grid is now common place and there might be even better alignment stuff!

My plan is to practice some html and css by copying things from tiktok. I have already used some of the short videos showing transforms and grid alignments for work stuff. I think the tiktok format is great for these code snippets because often times the code is short enough to show entirely on your phone and self-explanatory enough that a short video is fine.

I'm not looking for an explanation of things, more so I want to know how people make things look good and work well today.

Going to give it a shot and see if I like this style of deliberate practice.