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Oshi No Ko - Up To Episode 8

Date: 2023-06-22
Tags:  anime

We get a look into Akane and it is haunting how well the hype they built around Ai is coming through with Akane and her immitation. These episodes focusing the reality show and the way people flame on the internet is very apt. I wonder if the manga is as good, I have a feeling it is. This really feels like someone who truly understood what it means to be famous in this day and age.

There is also a moment were Akane talks about how Ai's self destructive tendencies lessens and it flashes to Strawberry Productions and the name Saitou. He really was a good guy. I'm sure he will come back into the mix at some point.

The montage of Akane putting in the work while the comments of trolls are being read was great.

This was an emotional scene.

Mem is a great character.

This screenshot I took thinking it was utterly cruel of Aqua to think. Little did I know how much it was going to pay off.

The payoff.

And finally we get our third girl of B Komachi.

This has been a great series so far.