Sunday | 23 JUN 2024
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Date: 2022-04-21

Going to be interesting to try my idea of using dates as fillers.

Went on my 2nd jog now. Hopefully my skin doesn't react.

I need to get back to my rust stuff. It's been a couple weeks now.

I added some enhancements to some invoicing software that I wrote. One thing that came in useful was that because the line items are always deleted and recreated, this means that I can do all my ordering and deletes in the frontend and expect the backend to stay consistent.

I'm not sure what the downsides of this method are versus not deleting the line items and manipulating them in the backend. That seems to be far more complex. Re-arranging things requires changing the line numbers and deleting things requires talking to the backend to cause a delete.

I also used jquery and jquery is definitely the fastest thing for me. Even after spending time with vue and svelte, there is nothing quite like just getting things to work in jquery.

I want to remove the bootstrap styling as I think it makes everything look bit too samey. I think tailwind would definitely help here as I have my own idea of what I want the site to look like.

Luckily this is just a hobby project so there is no rush or pressure.