Friday | 08 DEC 2023

Adding commands to NovaShell

Did some work on my shell. Below is just the changelog.

NovaShell v0.5.0

You can start NovaShell by typing NSH at TCL.


D3 and UniVerse now use the same NovaShell with conditional compiling handling the platform specific code.

- D3 search interface now matches the UniVerse search interface
	- D3 SEARCH is redefined to FIND within NOVASHELL
	- This means you cannot use the D3 SEARCH from NSH

- Updated search
	- You can do SEARCH BP “ORDER.FILE” all on one line
	- SEARCH BP by itself will prompt for input

-	Added tabbing to LOGTO
	- Tabbing inside a LOGTO will auto complete or display a list of accounts that match the name

-	Dateconv is now baked into NovaShell, simply do DATECONV at the terminal
	- Entering a value of TODAY will return today’s date in internal format

- Timeconv is now baked into NovaShell, simply do TIMECONV at the terminal
	- Entering NOW for the time will give the current time in internal format

- You can do PRINT at TCL to print out system variables, @ACCOUNT, @WHO, @TTY, @USER.NO, DATE(), TIME()

- You can also print OCONV and ICONVs
	- PRINT OCONV(“16JUN2022”,”DI”) will return the internal value of Jun 16

- Added a VERSION command to output operating system and database information, type VERSION inside the shell