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Blog Redesign

Date: 2023-06-12
Tags:  blog

This page will serve as a gallery of the variations of my blog. It will be random and not every change will make it here. These will be the moments that I decided to save a picture for some reason.

November 18, 2020 - A very simple blog, it has been this way for the most part since the start. There were some days where I had a light yellow background and I did use serif fonts for awhile. This era was heavily focused on not using any CSS and I made it a point to keep it very small. It was mostly just my logs and tutorials.

June 12, 2023 - This is a continuation of the previous design except the change was that I went full screen. I ditched the 80ch limit as I think it looks better but that may be a phase. The code and images overflow past the edges of the text which I like. I'm still using the system font stack and very basic css. I also added an image and it is definitely the weightiest part of my blog. I do want to make it fancier and add more things. Maybe a backend especially for search.