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Dev Work

Title: Dev Work
Date: 2022-02-27
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As I continued working on my code search, I ran into a bug in my pick-mv library. I ended up making the change in my current project and then fixed it in the library but now its a question of how long do I wait before pushing it out as a new version. I imagine there will be more issues as I go.

This also highlights how much I needs some form of testing as I don't know what I might be breaking by making my fix. I'm not even sure if it is a fix so much as getting it to do what I want.

Interesting thoughts now that I have a library to maintain that is actually useful. I wonder if other people do the same thing, where they find issues as they are working on other things and have to deal with switching contexts. Luckily pick-mv is so small that there isn't a big switch. But my pick-universe library is a big switch and I have a big fix that I need to do for it that I'm not looking forward to.