Saturday | 20 APR 2024
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Finished up the NovaShell Site

Date: 2022-06-26

I recorded some asciinema videos to show NSH in action and a quick installation video.


asciinema is a very cool piece of tech and with such a snazzy login and upload process. It does e-mail based log in which is neat and it uploads videos and sets things up quickly. The dev experience is great.

The only thing I wish I could do is just give it a list of commands and it will auto build a recording rather than having to do it myself. A scriptable asciinema would be cool!

Now that nsh is done, it's now the boring part of using nsh for awhile and fixing the breaks as they come. I'm not sure what my next project will be as I want to get an interpreter for BASIC going and a vim like editor as well. Now that I have color, an editor is more enticing as I can do syntax highlighting. The ultimate goal would be to log into UniVerse and never have to leave it to get things done. I think that is a bit unrealistic but dream big!