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Fun with scp

Title: Fun with scp
Date: 2022-04-15
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Not that scp but the linux scp :)

I never quite remember how to use scp so I figure I should write down the 3 most common things I do that scp would be helpful for.

Copying a file from somewhere else:

> scp user@some.ip.address:/path/to/file.txt ./

Copying a directory from somewhere else:

> scp -r user@some.ip.address:/path/to/folder ./

Coping a file from here to there:

> scp file.txt user@some.ip.address:/home/nivethan/temp

Coping a directory from here to there:

> scp -r folder user@some.ip.address:/home/nivethan/temp

You can use `\-q` to silence the messages but this also silences errors.

You can also use sshpass to automate the password entry.

> sshpass -p "password" scp user@some.ip.address:/path/to/file.txt ./