Wednesday | 28 FEB 2024
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Gravity Falls

Date: 2024-02-04

Table of Contents

  1. Characters

Gravity Falls was an animated show that aired on the Disney Channel. It's about a pair of twins, Dipper and Mabel, that find a strange journal that documents the strange town they are visiting for the summer.

The premise of the story hits all my checkmarks of a small strange town with a limited cast and some magical and strange things going on. I love that kind of stuff. I watched season 1 while it was airing and so I got really into the mystery aspect and I followed along with /co/. I love the artwork and the show very much had a story unlike the other shows that were airing that were all one offs. I had forgotten about the show once season 1 ended and never picked it back up.

Now I've watched season 2 and the show is still quite good but I wish I had watched it as a kid. I think even a few years ago, the ending would have been much sadder but today it isn't. The mysteries weren't super compelling and I think season 1 definitely threaded the line of mystery and fun quite well. Season 2 seemed to be a mad dash to reveal information. I learned that Alex Hirsh, the creator of the show, wanted to end the series so it felt rushed at the end. This explained why season 1 was more fun and more mysterious.

The core mystery of the author is explained pretty quickly and the explanation doesn't really satisfy. I also loved Bill Cipher and in season 2 he is just as fun and cool as always. He is a true Chaos God. However his rise to power and downfall felt rushed and I wish there was more horror stuff.

Gravity Falls itself is never explained. We don't know what makes Gravity Falls so special and why it's the link between Bill's realm and ours.

The final episode has the twins leave Gravity Falls and damn was it bittersweet. They are going back to real life and there is a sadness there though there is hope that they will be back for the next summer.

Overall I watched season 2 and enjoyed it but I don't think it was that good. It was a fun romp but not exactly what I was looking for. Though I'm not sure what I'm looking for.


Dipper - The mystery solving twin.

Mabel - The fun twin.

Soos - The handyman, love him

Stan - A true grifter

Ford - The author

Wendy - The older cool girl. Fun to see her and Dipper and I liked that the crush stuff died down.

Robbie - Wendy's ex and Dipper's rival. Things cool down with him.

Grenda - Mabel's rough friend

Candy - Mabel's other friend

Gideon - In love with Mabel

Bill Cipher - The big bad trying to get into reality