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How to Play Dutch Blitz

Date: 2023-07-20
Tags:  games

A quick guide on how to play dutch blitz.

Split the cards into their shapes and pass them out to the people.

Shuffle the cards.

Take the top 3 cards and place them as your board.

Count out 10 cards as your blitz pile and place them on side.

Start the game.

Cards can go from the board to the piles in the middle.

The top card of the blitz pile can also go to the middle.

Draw 3 cards and top card can go to the middle.

Cards are place in ascending order and colors have to match.

You can build on the cards on your board by descending order and alternating genders.

The winner is the person who finishes their blitz pile first.

When they say blitz, the game ends.

Count the cards in the middle broken up on shape. This will be each persons points.

Count the blitz pile and then subtract 2x that number from your points.

The first person to 75 wins.