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Ideas from 2023

Date: 2023-03-11

I am going to write down my ideas here as I get them and hopefully some day I'll get to them.

Ideas: Countless

Format Tool - October 31, 2023I need to split my format tool off and make it emit classes so that I can style my BASIC snippets.

Adding HEAD request to SERAPHIM - October 31, 2023Just handy to have. The OPTIONS was required to get the CORS stuff working so HEAD is probably also causing issues or will cause issues at some point.

Adding support for TIME.MS in ScarletDME - October 31, 2023Going to be very useful when I time things.

Notes Adding Mod

Mastodon Posts - August 27, 2023

I want to get a copy of my mastodon posts and have then available on my blog.

Add last modified to my blog - August 27, 2023

I would like to be able to see what the last update posts were. This might require a trigger so I'm not sure how cross platform it will be.

Add a tag section to the blog - August 27, 2023

Add a tag section to see all the tags you can click.

Completed - August 27, 2023

Add JS support in EVA - August 27, 2023

Having JS support in EVA is going to be important now that I have a web framework and can do more web stuff.

Add CSS support in EVA - August 27, 2023

Now that I have a web framework, I'll probably be writing more CSS and having built in support for syntax highlighting and formatting is going to be handy for css.

HN Blog Reader - August 24, 2023

There was a thread of great blogs that I would like randomly read from. Also the blog list from the /now page also looks good.

Interface to add Ideas - August 21, 2023

I need a way to quick add ideas to this site.

Text Version of Netflix - August 21, 2023

I already have this with my local network. I dump mp4s into a folder and a rust server serves them out very simply. I would like this to be internet accessible.

Scheduling App - August 21 2023

I really need a scheduling app to get my life together.

Serving Blog Via Pick - July 1, 2023

A large project that I didn't consider was large is this project to move my blog into Pick. This involved writing my own templating language, markdown rendering function, a http server, hashmaps, json parsers and forking ScarletDME.

Completed - August 22, 2023

New Post Generator - April 23, 2023

I need a way to set up new posts automatically. Typing in all the metadata is a pain in the ass.


Speed up Markdown - April 23, 2023

Generating the html from my markdown blogs take too long.

Completed - I rewrote my templating language and gained magnitudes. I also will be serving my blog out from Pick at some point soon

RENAME, MOVE, COPY Commands for BASIC - April 23, 2023

I want a one line command for renaming files, moving files and copying files.


BASIC git Client - April 20, 2023

I would love to have a git client that could push my programs to my github. It's actually a very simple ask I think. I don't want anything particularly fancy.

Image Compressor Site - April 12, 2023

I want to create a website where I can drag and drop images and get them compressed and resized. I also want it as an API endpoint that I can use in a bash script.

Personal Wiki - April 12, 2023

I really want to create a personal wiki site.

BASIC Hashmaps - April 12, 2023

I want to create some HASHMAP logic in BASIC, not sure what it would be good for but it could be handy. The first step is to build a list of words and see how long a locate statement goes on it. My hashmap should be instant!

Unirpc Protocol - April 12, 2023

I want to reverse engineer the wire protocol universe uses. I already have a dump of the packets and I can get a response from universe. So fun! I want to be able to set up a simple websocket server that will just reroute my queries directly to the rpc port.

Port Manager - April 3, 2023

I really want a tool that will list out what ports are currently being used and what is currently being proxy passed. I also want to be able to manage my nginx configurations and have a view into what I'm currently working on and have worked on. Bah! Right now it is so messy.

DBG - Debugger - March 25, 2023

I want a debugger that works directly in my editor. If I do DBG RUN BP TEST.NIV,it should run the program and give me a much nicer debugger to work with.

CAT | GREP for UniVerse - March 24, 2023

A CAT utility with search would be quite useful. Currently I can use CT to print something to the screen but you can't grep against it.

File as an Entry - March 24, 2023

I have an idea to write a parser for this text file to build a database out of it. That would make it simpler to query against. Currently, I can't get a list of my ideas very easily.

Book Adder - March 24, 2023

I want to take a picture of my bookshelf and get a list of books and their descriptions. This would be fun to make. I have so many books and I would love to actually have them categorized.

EVA - Markdown Writer - March 24, 2023

I want to write markdown in EVA. Similar to goyo vim. This would involve limiting the width 80 chars and setting the margins appropriately. This would also turn off the numbers. I think that is enough for me.

Completed: March 24, 2023

EVA - Copy Range - March 23, 2023

Similar to my dt command which can delete to a line, I want a copy command where I can specify the start and end lines.

Using MV as my Main Driver - March 21, 2023

I want to use universe as my main OS. Largely because I want to use my shell and editor.

Diffing Tool Replay - March 21, 2023

I would love write a diffing tool for BASIC. Something that will show me the changes and possibly give me a line by line replay. This would be something I could probably create from my history files. That would be pretty cool. It would be dependent on my history and I would need to fix my UNDO format logic.

Form Generator - March 21, 2023

This is quite important, a tool that will take a form in json and give me the HTML code for it. This would be quite useful.

BASIC Gopher Client - March 21, 2023

I want to write a gopher client in BASIC. This would be for fun. I would need to re-use large parts of EVA.

TCL Launch wIntegrate sessions - March 21, 2023

I want to type something like a client name and launch a wintegrate session configured and logged in.

Wintegrate Launchy - March 21, 2023

After doing the OPEN and CSV commands, I'm thinking about having wintegrate launch all my applications. Sort of like my own custom dmenu on launchy but in universe and dependent on wintegrate. A stupid fun idea.

EVA - Org Mode - March 21, 2023

Whatever org mode is it would be nice to have for EVA. I see it as a note taking app so being able to take notes with EVA and have it generate a wiki would be cool.

EVA - Undo a FORMAT - March 21, 2023

I want to be able to undo a format, currently you lose all history once you do a format of the file.

Completed: April 20, 2023

EVA - Decompile and Precompile - March 21, 2023

It would be nice to be able to decompile and precompile from within EVA. Not a fan of adding this in because I'd be adding in straight executes and juggling the buffer. It's also ASI specific but I already have other commands like the lint command that is specific so I'm not sure why I'm so hesitant.

Completed: March 21, 2023

UPM Dependency - March 19, 2023

I want UPM to do dependency checking at some point. For now I currently write applications in a single file for ease of deployment but it is cumbersome. Ideally I want to create a new account that I can load things into and then catalog from.

UPM Rewrite - March 19, 2023

I need to rewrite UPM. I currently wrote it as a package manager but I think that was dumb and it is causing too much issues. I wrote it with the packages and github links embedded in the program and so to add new things I need to update upm and then install. I also have an issue where I wrote the UNDEF logic to do conditional compiling inside UPM so if I accidentally call upm in Universe where the conditional compilation logic is valid, it gets stripped out. This is fine but I accidentally clobbered my working copy.

The solution is to rewrite upm do what curl | sh does. I want upm to fetch the file and save it. Then I can manually call undef on the file to create the stripped file. Then i can compile and catalog the file. I also want to pass in urls directly to upm instead of the current package system. This will make it much more palatable for me.

Completed: March 21, 2023

EVA - Double Quote Enclose - March 19, 2023

I want to be able to use double quotes or single quotes in command mode to wrap words in the quotes. I want to be able to do it again on the same word and it should unwrap the quotes. I'm not sure if I'll use it but it sounds handy.

EVA - Open a File - March 18, 2023

I want to be able to do :open file record to open a file in a different buffer. This will give me the gf functionality that really be useful.

This will require some finangling as I would need juggle some more things. The exploded value logic will be useful but I think the save logic will need some tuning as I would need juggle some more things.

EVA - Shift Return - March 18, 2023

I want to be able to go in reverse using shift return. Shift return should be like up arrow key but it hits a gosub it should through a copy of the return stack. Similar to undo and redo logic.

EVA - Button for Code Block Highlights - March 18, 2023

I would like to see if statement blocks highlighting. Always would be nice but even on a keypress I would like to see the matching end. I still sometimes go to an end and see where the if statement is so being able to have some sort of visual cue for a match would be nice.

Password Vault - March 18, 2023

I want to build a password vault in BASIC. The BASIC part wouldn't really add much as I won't learn anything but I'm finding myself thinking more BASIC than anything else these days.

Add Graphics to Universe - March 18, 2023

I don't even know how to get started with this but I would really like to build a gui version of universe. Maybe I need to do X windows binding to BASIC through the GCI functions. No idea. I feel this would be a big accomplishment and I've thought about it a few times now.

EVA - Jump to Subroutine - March 18, 2023

I want to be able to go to a subroutine line and hit enter and switch into that file. This is a file switch and so I think this should be a bit harder, maybe :gf will be the command for this. This might also be straightforward as the logic to explode into variables already exists. I also have a function to move into a read only buffer.

Completed: March 18, 2023

For now I only implemented a view only buffer. I may do the edit buffer at some point but I think before that I want to add the ability to open a file from within EVA.

EVA - Jump to GOSUB - March 18, 2023

I want to be able to hit enter on a gosub and jump to that code block. I can see this being helpful.

Completed: March 18, 2023

Read Articles on Kindle - March 17, 2023

I want to read articles on my kindle and I've found a few tools but they are free only for a set number of articles. I would also prefer to make my own solution so this would be a fun project to try. I've already used the various pieces in other projects so I think this would be a relatively straightforward thing to build.

Completed: March 18, 2023

Open paths from EVA - March 15, 2023

I want to go to a position and then do something :switch and have my editor close my current buffer and open the path at the cursor. This should work for both linux files and for subroutine calls. This will be a little harder as it will require checking the MD for the file first to find out which file the record is stored in.

NovaShell Paths - March 15, 2023

I want to have novashell automatically switch casing when I enter a "/" and I also want tab completion on paths. That would make it work much better with EVA which can now look at linux files directly.

Completed: March 15, 2023

HTML Compiler - March 14, 2023

I want to write vue and then compile that to a straight html file. I think this is actually possible but might need some hackery to make it work the way I want. I don't want to set up a whole node project or install vue everywhere. I want to be able to do vue something.html and have that give me something.html where the vue code is evaluated.

UniVerse Boundary JSON - March 14, 2023

I want to make the boundary from UniVerse and the Web JSON. I have written the creating part of the problem but need to now work on the parsing part. I need to somehow read in JSON and make it work as UniVerse expects it to.

Caddy - March 14, 2023

I want to switch to Caddy as it cuts down on the extra stuff I configure in nginx. This is related to the internal domain goal.

Set Up Internal Domain Name - March 14, 2023

I need to set up a domain name for my internal network so I can get SSL certificates set up. I think this would be a good admin thing to do and I could then switch to using caddy out of the box instead of trying to get nginx to do gzipping and ssl stuff. Caddy would get rid of a lot of my configs.

Form Validation - March 14, 2023

I want to hook up our procs that we use for entry in BASIC to forms in html that are validated using a validation library. I think this structure would be a great way of building data entry screens connected to UniVerse.

Stylus and Greasemonkey Clone - March 14, 2023

I want an extension that will pop open an editor that will execute custom javascript and css rules for a specific page or a domain.

Notion Clone - March 14, 2023

I would like my own Notion clone that is completely self hosted and uses sqlite as a database. I think this would be a fun project and it would also let me try out making sqlite into a pseudo filesystem which is a longer term goal of mine.

Blog by Phone - March 14, 2023

I would love to be able to send a picture and some text to a phone number and have that get posted on my blog. Specifically of Luna the Dog. Something like instagram but I don't want to span ig. This has been done but I'm not sure if its personalized to the level of a blog. I imagine I could do this by using twilio and I imagine the pay as you go service would be extremely cheap for this.

Blogging Software - March 13, 2023

I'm a big fan of small software and I think my blog has kept that theme though it could be simpler. I currently write raw html for most of the pages and then do markdown for my blog posts. I'm finding that writing markdown is much easier and then I can link to my markdown blog pages directly.

For example my ideas page here is a post in my blog that I link to. This works simply. I would like to be able to update my blog from anywhere though and have a web gui as well. I would also like tags and a better integrated search. This is a project that I might do when I'm bored but I do need to write down all the things I want my blog software to do.

Project Management Tool - March 13, 2023

There are many tools out there but I haven't tried any and so I'm not sure what a good one would be. I do know that I probably need one as I have many things to juggle at work and at home that things are getting dropped.

This is a project that I should start by building out a trello clone.

FSELECT - March 12, 2023

A SELECT statement that works with linux paths. This would be useful to be able to get a list of files in a directory without having to create a Q pointer. I would also like it to get all the subdirectories and the folders underneath them as well though I'm not sure how I should handle them. I think the list should return back a full path so I can call READBLK on the item id and get the contents. That would make the most sense I think.

Integrate Torrent Sites with Transmission - March 11, 2023

I would like a utility to send torrents to another server directly from the web page. Currently I can copy the magnet link and then add it to to my server but having a single button that I can just click would be nice.

Proxy Site for CORS - March 11, 2023

Related to the API builder, I would love to do the scraping in the javascript and do it completely locally but due to cors issues, you can't. I want to set up a proxy end point on my server that would just act as a passthrough for my javascript scripts.

Completed: March 12, 2023

API Builder - March 11, 2023

A web scraper tool would be nice to build as many times I really want to make a website into an api. This is something I've done multiple times now and I use the logic in leftwrite. I think making it its own utility and have that running would make future development much easier for me.

There are all sorts of sites that already do this but most usually shut down or get bought after some time.

Classless CSS - March 11, 2023

I want to write a classless css library. This would be very useful to just get something somewhat decent on the screen. There are so many out there but none that I particularly like. They all have pieces that I like and I think I could put it all together to get something that would be nice just for me.

You Should Watch - March 11, 2023

This was a project I built with django where you can give it a tv show and it would give you a random episode and a summary of that episode. I really need this as finding an episode to watch is somehow stressful.

Completed: March 12, 2023

ChatGPT will happily give me a random episode and its synopsis.

New Tab Dashboard - March 11, 2023

I keep meaning to create a new tab page that shows me the data I care about. I want to know the traffic to work. I want to know the current temperature. I want to know the weather over the course of a day. I want to see the headlines for the city news and for the world.

PetiteVue Clone - March 11, 2023

I love petitevue but I think I could go smaller and build something that fits even more with me. Also very possible that I can't but I think this would be a fun try and I would learn a lot about how these tiny libraries like petitevue and alpinejs work.

Everything Guide - March 11, 2023

In the event of a major catastrophe, a utility that will give access to everything I currently manage. Mortgages, bank accounts, passwords, documents, all these things need to be taken control of and managed by someone else. It should have my id and secret questions as well. My phone number and phone would be a major piece of the puzzle as well.

Family Facebook - March 11, 2023

A facebook style website that you can host and run yourself. The key thing would be sharing pictures and video.

DropCanvas Clone - March 11, 2023

I miss dropcanvas every day. It was a simple drag and drop file upload that just worked. I keep thinking about building it but don't bother.

The core of it is that it needs a space to drop things on to, those get uploaded and tied to key. That key is displayed on the page so that if you look up that key, you get everything that was uploaded to that key.

It would be a fun project to spec out.

Image Catalog - March 11, 2023

I have tons of images saved to icloud which I have downloaded to my server. I want a tool that will let me quickly view an image, tag it to an album and move on. I should then be able to get all the images in a tag and create an album out of them.

The goal is to make this as fast as possible as I have so many images to go through. I should also have the ability to bulk update images with a tag as usually all the images in a specific range are related. I'm sure this already exists.

Less than Netflix but more than Text - March 11, 2023

I currently use a very simple rust application I wrote to serve a folder that contains all my tv shows. The shows are encoded with h264 and aac so that I can play them in the browser. I need to write a program that will automatically convert things as I download them or I need to transcode on the fly. I was able to get jellyfin working but that brought my server to its knees so I've turned it off for now.

I also think jellyfin is too much for the simplicity I want. I want to just watch things that I have already downloaded. The metadata jazz mucks things up.

TV Show Manager - March 11, 2023

I have some scripts that download tv shows as they air and it's a bit of pain to see what has been downloaded and what is still waiting. I would like to create a web interface to view the status of the various shows and be able to retry downloading them if it failed for some reason.

Home Paperless Project - March 11, 2023

After working on a paperless system for a client, I think going paperless at home would be a good idea. Using a document manager sounds like a good idea and it would reduce the amount of clutter on my desk. I'm the kind of person that keeps every scrap of paper because it might be useful. It never is. Going paperless would be a way to keep hoarding but without the physical waste.

Log Monitor - March 11, 2023

I think it would be very useful to have a logging interface that shows us all the logs across all our clients. We have the universe errlog, the various application logs, the linux logs, crontab logs and so on. Currently we need to get on a client machine and then muck around to find the various logs and even then it's usually a pain to view everything.

We also have logs spread out across multiple windows and linux boxes per client so unifying everything would be helpful when trying to debug issues.

Web Frontend for E-mails - March 11, 2023

I would love for there to be a web interface for the e-mails were currently send out. We place the e-mails on a queue and then the get processed and archived. It would be nice to have something CUPS but for the e-mails we generate. It should also let us re-send e-mails directly from the application as all it is is copying the archive to the queue.

Web LIST Viewer - March 11, 2023

I would like to create something that would let me open TCL in a web browser and run list commands. This should give me a table of information where I can then do my own filtering on the data as if it was excel. The table should follow my list of what a table in an enterprise means.

ChatGPT App - March 11, 2023

I want to have ChatGPT bolted to my windows desktop so it is always available. Not always useful and sometimes actively harmful but I think it would be quite useful. Especially for stupid things like remove this character and replace this in a set list. Generate random json, little things where I could search and do it but chatgpt can just do it for me.

I tried to get this working by creating a firefox shortcut but it is finnicky and doesn't stay where I want it to.

Vim - Prose Improvements - March 11, 2023

This probably exists where prose triggers the spellcheck as a dropdown. I currently need to go into the spell check window and select the correct word. I also would like my autocomplete to autocomplete from the words file.

I also want to add this to my editor at some point.

Completed: March 11, 2023

EVA Linux Port - March 11, 2023

I would like to get my EVA editor working under Linux. Then I could add certain functions that I would like a better spellcheck and use code completion from the linux words files. There are things I think vim probably has for plugins but rolling my own sounds fun.

The big change would that I need to read and write file paths from EVA. I also would need to make a script that would do the correct UV EVA command to get things to work right. This would also push me to fix up EVA support on putty as currently it requires a specific height and width manually set as I hard set my wintegrate to launch with that size.

NeoPets FitBit - March 11, 2023

A mobile app where you take care of a pet in the vein of neopets but its tied to being healthy. Your exercise, the type of workouts you do, the water you drink and the macro nutrients you get from your meals all go towards your pet's stats like an RPG.

This would be fun to learn iOS development with I think.

VPN Wrangler - March 11, 2023

A tool to start and run a client specific VPN while also opening a terminal emulator to that system. Currently at work I have multiple VPN applications that I need to juggle to connect to a client. I would need to write specific scripts to automatically do this for each VPN so it would be cumbersome but I think the payoff would be great.

Workspaces - March 11, 2023

This might already exist. I would like a tool where you select a workspace name and it would generate a workspace for you. This would allow you to pin shells and applications to the desktop. My use case is I want to click a client name and then immediately have a workspace where I have two terminal emulators, one for development and one connected to live. I would like to have another 2 shells at the linux prompt. I would like some basic information on the locks in the system.

FTP might be nice to have but probably not required.

Testing Environment - March 11, 2023

A way to build and test BASIC applications without mucking up data would be so nice. Currently we manually need to set up our tests and then run them. Something that could automatically bring the database back to the previous state would be nice. I'm thinking something involving docker but licensing UniVerse is a bit of a hassle though I have already written automatic installers so it really is a matter of just doing it.