Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Date: 2024-01-09
Tags:  anime, ishura

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Unexpected as hell. Starts off a with a slaughter. Not on the level on attack on titan but similar start. I love the vageuly middle eastern looking city and the idea of a town built around a labryinth tied to the Demon King. People are people. The magic system is interesting, the idea of word arts is cool. The spells seem to be commands from a specific person.

The first episode hooked me in that it starts off violent which I was not expecting. I was expecting some isekai but it seems to be different. It is still about visitors from another world but at least the main character seems to want to see the guy dead.

I watched episode 2 now and damn it's still pretty good. We get the story of Alus, a wyvern and we see more of the world. It looks like the world is actually pretty fleshed out and that the demon king may not have been such a bad guy. He seems to be some sort of all powerful lord of the world. I wish they didn't call him a demon king as that puts a very different spin on the story.

The relationship between the general and Alus is interesting and cool. It looks like people in this world did support the demon king. Dragons and wyverns can talk and the word arts stuff is pretty cool.

This reminds me of Rokka no Yuusha. I really hope it doesn't just do a good season and then bounce.

Episode 3 showed 2 characters, it showed Dakai the magpie who seems to be another visitor but from a different world than the first guy we met. He is also stupidly overpowered and his ability is insane. He can see people all around and react to them over a pretty large distance.

We also see more about the wyvern leader protecting Lithia. Interesting character and he doesn't seem to be overpowered. He is fantastically brutal.

The show is pretty good with introducing cool characters while also peppering in world building. Lithia and Auretia sound cool and the Lithia break off was probably unexpected. The One True Demon King being dead seems to be a bad thing and it definitely feels like demon lord is more a title than anything. I wonder why people were trying to destroy him. Maybe he was exceptionally brutal.


Interesting perspective. He is so strong and so easy about something that just destroyed her life that it makes Yuno hate him.

She names the people that could possibly be as strong as the kid.

She wants to find out what he is. And wants him dead. I'm curious where this plot goes.

This is relatable. You are free once you at rock bottom. Funny that another show in the same season as the same line. Much more light-hearted there.

I love the set frames because of horrifying it must be to think. This guy who came in and is treating this as a game may have triggered this event.

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