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Learning Assembly - Day 4

Date: 2023-09-08

Lesson 16 - Calculator atoi

This lesson is about writing a calculator in assembly and juggling the ascii representation of numbers. The big thing here was learning that the bl register is the lower 8 bits of the ebx register while bx is the lower 16 bits. I also learned about memory dereferencing with the square brackets and that the xor is a faster instruction that doing a mov of 0. Very cool.

The memory dereferencing is cool to see and I'm curious how it would work in something like utf8. Ascii is 8 bits and so the memory address math is straightforward because it is a single byte.

Lesson 17 - Namespaces

Assmebly namespaces are when you use the dot prefix. This way you can use have subroutine names repeat within a global subroutine. I imagine this is going to be very useful going forward.