Wednesday | 04 OCT 2023


Learning Game Dev with Phaser

These were some tutorials that I did with Phaser 3.6. It was fun and I learned a few things but without a game that I want to make, I didn't take it anywhere.


You make a very simple platformer with the official tutorial

Official Phaser Tutorial

You make a simple platformer and it feels much better than the official one.

Paid Tutorial by LessMilk

You make an infinite jumper game.

Free Tutorial on Ourcade

A 25 part tutorial to make a platformer. Very cool.

Phaser Platformer Tutorial


It's not a very good roadmap as there doesn't seem to be a larger picture. This was something that was probably put it together after someone created the tutorials and videos.

A Learning Roadmap

Learning how Tiled and tilemaps work would be very helpful. Some stuff about tilemaps