Monday | 15 APR 2024
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Movie - Talk To Me

Date: 2023-08-24
Tags:  horror, movies

A pretty good horror movie about some teenagers messing around with a mystical hand.

Below are going to be spoilers.

Mia is the main character and she lost her mother 2 years ago. The mom had killed herself but Mia is unaware or more likely aware but doesn't want to believe. Her best friend is Jade and she is extremely close with Jade's family. She very much treats Riley like a little brother and it was quite adorable which makes the rest of the movie so good.

The core of the movie is that these australian teenagers are throwing parties where they bust out a magical hand and everyone tries a little bit of possession. Apparently not only is it terrifying but it gives you wild high. I can buy that because nothing quite like going through a dangerous situation to make you super happy. It's like riding a rollercoaster. These kids don't think anything dangerous will happen. Mia's possesion is relatively mild but it seems the ghost has a strong grasp on her. You can only hold the hand for 90 seconds and any longer and the ghosts can take over. The kids are pretty good about making sure they only hold it for 90 seconds surprisingly. Mia's however might have been a touch too long as she starts seeing things even when she isn't possesed.

Riley at one of these parties wants to give the hand a shot and Mia let's him even though Jade had said no. Riley's possesion is extremely violent and graphic and different completely from the others. He bashes his skull and face in trying to die it looks like. He survives and they rush him to the hospital.

The rest of the movie is Mia sinking deeper and deeper and getting more and more possesed. She tries to help Riley but it gets worse. The end of the movie she is about to kill Riley thinking she is helping him, she has a realization and instead kills herself.

THe movie ends with the next person holding the hand and seeing Mia as their ghost. Fucking intense.

This is the basic gist of the movie and I loved it. The absolute best scene was when the kids are partying and having a great time just hanging out with the hand. The metaphor for drugs is great but it's not super in your face about it. Apparently the possession scenes are based on drug overdoses that the directors saw.

Mia - The main character

Jade - The best friend

Riley - The little brother

Jade's Mom - The no-nonesense all knowing and tired mother

Mia's Dad - Basically does nothing

Mia's Mom - not much besides shes a well loved mom.Daniel - Jade's boyfriend

Hayley - The guy running the show with the hand, by far my favourite character, the t shirt with long sleeves underneath is coming back.

Joss - He is the one that has the hand though he feels like Hayley's lackey.