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RSS Feeds

Date: 2022-02-22

I wanted to try syndicating my blog to as they take rss feeds and convert them to drafts. So this meant creating an rss feed for blog which was pretty straightforward.

I first created a rss feed based off other blogs that I follow and then I stuck it into a validator to have it show me my errors. Much faster than actually reading any sort of documentation!

This is the validator I used:

The link to my feed:

I only filled in the attributes that were mandatory and I had to do a bit of massaging to get the dates to show up in ISO format. The massaging was actually pretty easy, it was just using the toISOString function in javascript.

Here is a quick example.

    <title>nivethan's devlog</title>
    <link href=""/>
        <title> Installing UniVerse</title>
        <link href=""/>

My rss feed does validate but it triggers a few warnings about content and dates being duplicated. I'm ignoring them for now because I just want my blog posts to show up as drafts on Maybe in the future I'll add a summary.

Edit - 23FEB2022 - RSS exists but devto isn't importing from it. I'll need to take a look at some point.