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Rust, Fuse, Sqlite - Thoughts

2023-02-10 2

I’m having a slower time than C but I’m learning. I can see how rust is helpful in thinking about certain things and though the compiler is annoying it is definitely bringing key things to my face. For example adding keys to a structure that I’m currently iterating over.

That’s straight asking for trouble. I realized the error of my ways quickly but it was nice to see the compiler kick me.

I also like that it is forcing me to deal with errors. For now I’m simply panicking but I am using the let match code to deal with some errors. I don’t know if this idiomatic, I wish there was a clear definitive way of dealing with errors.

Mutably borrowing and immutably looping is a pain in the ass. I want to loop over a hashmap while doing updates in another function. This was too difficult so I put the two together to get rid of the compiler. I need to think through why the compiler is yelling at me.

I also really like that some errors I can let panic because I already know that I’ve dealt with the error above. This was a good insight that I realized and made unwrap much easier to accept.

So far this round of rust is going better than last time. Still not my favourite language but every attempt at rust I learn something new. That says something about rust. Or me.