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Searching in Discord

Date: 2023-08-15

SysV semaphores haven't been implemented in the iSH app which is perfectly fine but it was a giant pain in the ass to find that information. It isn't on the github but it is in the discord chat. Searching discord was a mess as I don't think its even a grep, it's doing some weird thing where it doesn't find all the results properly. I found the response by the creator where he says they haven't implemented it yet but it should definitely showed up in my previous searches.

This siloization of the internet is a shitshow. I did think about making something to crawl and index discord but I saw someone else did it but they didn't get the discord that I needed.

I don't have enough of an interest to do it but I think it would be a worthwhile thing to do, I imagine there must be so much good information located behind discord now. Discord should really allow you to make chats public and exportable instead of the current bullshit of having to join the channel and then using their awful search.

I think there is definitely a combo website of Reddit, Discord, Wiki, Blog that is going to blow up at some point. I myself want to create a memex but I think many people want that reddit like quality of comments on their posts and discoverability.