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Tailscale is Stupid Easy

Title: Tailscale is Stupid Easy
Date: 2022-05-04
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Just Wow! I read the article about tailscale getting 100m in funding and I really liked the tone that the author had. He was the founder as well and I could tell he was passionate about tailscale and he described tailscale as creating a smaller internet, and have it work the way it should.

I gave tailscale a shot and I'm blown away by how easy I have all of my devices now connected through tailscale. I could legit connect to all of the different servers I have and connect my PCs from basically anywhere now.

I'm curious how it works under the hood and I know it uses wireguard but how much code is there to automate everything?

My biggest fear however is that one breach of my account and my entire network is wide open. That seems to be the point of failure. I'll need to do some research to stop worrying.

But damn!