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The Sandman

Date: 2022-08-07

Watching The Sandman on Netflix and they are really hitting it out of the park. It doesn't have the same high quality feel as some of their other shows but it is definitely well made and stays true to the comics, at least what I remember of the comics.

I just finished episode 5 which is set inside the diner and damn I don't remember this but I loved this episode. My favourite part in the comics was the transformation chase battle between Lucifer and Morpheus. I didn't know it was called that but it is quite cool. The really did it right in the show. Also the CGI is pretty bad and noticeable in the show but I can forgive it as this isn't a marvel level super hero show.

This makes me want to watch Good Omens so I may give that a shot later.

Episode 6 and the meetings with Robert are by far my favourite part so far. I remember this being good in the comics but damn, in the show it is quite the set of scenes. It reminds me a lot of the man from earth which is why I probably liked it so much.

Now that I've finished watching it and its been a few days, I still really like the Sandman but it definitely became the Rose Walker show. Which probably was also in the comics but I don't remember most of it anymore. I love Dream and his slow change is great, I'm definitely looking forward to the rest.

I know there is a bit of an undercurrent of hate for the wokeness of the show but I remember the comics being quite diverse and lgbt friendly so it is surprising. Oh well, people are going to people and I'll continue to be blind to most it.