Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Thoughts about the EVA editor

Date: 2022-08-06

I've finished up the core of my multivalue editor now and with this and novashell, I have a pretty good environment to edit and deal with multivalue. The big thing left is being able to query the database and have prettier output but that can wait.

One thing I'm mulling over is a file viewer. I think this would be extremely helpful especially in the case of the archive directory. However now that I write about it, actually it doesn't make sense. The list commands work and they work pretty straightforward. I never actually use the vim file browser so I doubt I would use it in UniVerse.

I think the scope of EVA should be to edit files and that's it. Right now I would consider that goal pretty much done and I think it might be time to freeze thecore of the editor. I'll continue to add commands but just quick ones like upper and lower upper case and lower case things. The big things missing is a proper undo system.

I'm going to write some dictionaries to make the archive prettier.

Bah! When I went to go write the archive dictionaries I found the dictionaries already exist. Program name and Date. Goddamn. That makes so much easier to read.

It's fun to completely re-walk something someone else had already done. There is a certain niceness that someone else had the same idea as me. The dicts being created and now I found a PROC that shows the archive directory sorted and lets you search. :)