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Thoughts on Vue

Date: 2022-02-24

It's still pretty early but writing up a prototype and writing out a tutorial was a good way to get familiar with vue. The structure it enforces is great and it makes everything pretty obvious. The documentation is really good and reading that helped to get a fuller understanding of how vue works. We'll see how it shakes out but I'm hopeful that vue will become a big part of my toolkit at work. I definitely find it easier than react, react was a mission. Especially because it has a build step and I find that very frustrating. I know react can work without a build step but Vue highlights the fact that it works out of the box and can be used for progressive enhancement.

I've seen alpine and petite-vue as alternatives which look to be similar but I think going with the full framework and something that is stable and well documented is worth more than just cutting down on the js size. I'm lucky enough that the size of the page doesn't matter too much.

I'm also planning on writing up a style guide at some point to sort of structure how to write the vue code but I'll need to take a look at some examples before I do. Vue definitely looks like a fun framework :)